Patent Links

Patents are displayed by building a URL that includes passed parameters which point directly to the patent document.

United States Patent and Trademark Office

Padlock patents have the following prefixes: AI, D, RE, and X. The resultant patent number must be 7 characters in length including the prefix. For example the patent number D10877 must be converted to D010877.

The URL built for D10877 is:


Canadian Intellectual Property Office

There are no length requirements for the patent number. For example patent 214420 is represented as 214420.

The URL built for 214420 is:

European Patent Office

The Austrian patent 37807B would be represented as at37807b, where 'at' is the Country/InterState designation code. The resultant patent must be in lower case.

The URL built for 37807B is:


External Patent Links

To display patents outside of the website you would use the External Patents Parser. You will do this when displaying patents from within an Excel Spreadsheet or Word Document.

The URL to display US patent D10877 is: