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List Selection - Catalogs

Best, Frank E., Inc. 1923 - A proem to the Best Universal Locking System
Bohannan, Wilson 1869 - Padlocks
Bohannan, Wilson 1880 - General Line
Bohannan, Wilson 1886 - General Line
Bohannan, Wilson 1890 - General Line, redlined catalog
Bohannan, Wilson 1894 - General Line
Bohannan, Wilson 1900 - General Line
Bohannan, Wilson 1911 - General Line
Bohannan, Wilson 1922 - General Line. 1922 is our best guess for this catalog.
Bohannan, Wilson 1930 - General Line - First Marion Catalog
Bohannan, Wilson 1993 - Padlocks
Bohannan, Wilson 1994-1999 - General Line
Bohannan, Wilson 2000 - General Line
Bohannan, Wilson 2008 - Padlocks
Bohannan, Wilson 2010 - Padlocks
Climax, J. H. W. Catalog August 1912 - Padlocks, Miscellaneous Locks
Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. Catalog 1929 (Abridged) - Padlocks, Trunk Locks, Miscellaneous
Eagle Lock Co. Catalog 1927 - Padlocks
Excelsior Hardware Co. April 1919 - Trunk Locks, Suite Case Locks, and Cabinet Locks
Junkunc Bros., American Lock Co. Catalog 1958 - Padlocks
Miller Lock Co. Catalog No 25 (circa 1905) - General Line
Miller Lock Co. Catalog No 28 (circa 1922) - General Line
Miller Lock Co. Catalog No 30 1924 - Automobile Trade
Reese Padlock Co. Catalog 1926 - Padlocks
Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co. 1865 - Lock pages 106-110, 140, 397
Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co. 1886 Architect's Edition - Padlock pages 514 thru 555
Sargent & Co. 1922 - Padlock pages 747 thru 773
Sargent & Co. 1926 - Padlocks
Sargent & Co. 1950 - Locksmith Supplies
Winchester Pocket Catalog of Tools 1923 - Tools


"United States Locking Device Patents"

The offline database currently contains approximately 36,000 patents consisting of classes 70/$, D8/330 thru D8/348. This data was loaded using automated software tools with total disregard to any errors that might occur in the USPTO database. These errors will be corrected as they are identified.

Patents issued thru 12/31/1970 (approximately) have a list of classes which includes the current class that the patent is assigned to. This data is current as of 1/3/2007, and will be updated periodically. Patents issued after 12/31/1970 have the SQL key word search string. This being said we do not have the current class for these patents.

The CCL shown is the current classification.

Please be aware that some padlocks bear patent dates that will not appear in the patent list. This is because the date refers to a mechanism not a padlock. In other cases the padlock patent date is not present and in its place is the earlier mechanism patent date. This is true with the William M. Brooke Patent #'s 297749 465450 and Image. A future endeavor will be to identify these patents and include them in the list.

The Patent Office may change their means of access without any notice which may cause retrieval of the patent to fail. Should this happen let us know and we will make the necessary changes. The US Patent Office stores patents in TIFF format. To view the specifications and required software click here. Foreign Patent Offices will have their own specifications.


List Selection - Patents

Padlocks - All - Issue Date order - Complete thru 12/31/1970.
Padlocks - Design - Issue Date order - Complete thru 12/31/1970.
Padlocks - Combination - Issue Date order - Complete thru 12/31/1970.
Keys - Design - Issue Date order - Complete thru 12/31/1990.