"Lever Padlocks - Brass - Mechanicals"

Click to Enlarge Image "DUPLEX" - Round Shackle. 3" high. Brass case. Brass shackle. Mfg by: Yale & Towne Mfg. Co.
"Courtesy Mike Pitman"
Click to Enlarge Image "PAT JUNE 15 1909". 3" high x 2" wide. Brass case. Brass shackle. Giulio Merlonetti Patent # 925122.
"The Mike Mastros Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "PAT APPLD FOR". 1 15/16" diameter x 7/16" deep. Brass case. Brass shackle. Post key. "PAT APPLD FOR" is stamped on the obverse of the shackle.
"The Mike Pitman Collection" 
Click to Enlarge Image "C. RAVE". 5 1/4" high x 3 1/4" wide x 1 1/8" deep. Brass case. Brass shackle. 5 Levers. Mfg by: C. Rave.
"The Mark Andersen Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "RECo U S A" - Cotterill Style. Brass case. Steel shackle. Mfg by: Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co.
"The Bob Heilemann Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "S". 1.420" high x 1.025" wide x .325" deep. Stamped steel case. Steel shackle. The lock has 4 levers that are a scant .035" thick. This lock does not have the shackle toe locking mechanism. Mfg by: Slaymaker. George M. Miller Patent # 981784.   More...
"The David Heuermann Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "STERLING LOGAN-GREGG HARDWARE CO 4-LEVERS". 3" high x 2" wide. Cast brass case. Flat brass shackle. Flat key. "PAT.DEC.15-1908." is stamped on the obverse of the shackle. Made for: Logan-Gregg Hardware Co. Mfg by: E. T. Fraim Lock Co. Samuel R. Fraim Patent # 907026.
"The Mike Pitman Collection"