Miscellaneous Locks


Click to Enlarge Image Blake Brothers Cylindrical Door Locks. These are early examples of Cylindrical Door Locks. Mfg by: Blake Brothers, Philos Blake, Eli Blake and John Blake. Patent # X7945H.
The Patent Model resides at the Hagley Museum & Library.   More...
"The Michael Stuart Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "CHATWOOD'S PATENT". 5" high x 8 1/4" wide x 1 1/4 deep. Brass construction. Safe lock. Mfg by: Chatwood Safe Co. Ltd., Bolton, England.    More...     More...    No patent was found detailing this exact lock.
"The Jack Calfee Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "CHUBB 1073 PATENTEE". 5" high x 8" wide excluding bolt keep x 2 1/4" deep, main body. Weight: 6lbs excluding bolt keep. Iron and brass construction. Original operating key. The regulator reset key is not present. Early Jerimiah Chubb detector lock dated 1820-1821.   Chubb Archive & Registry   More...   UK Patent #4219
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"The Michael Stuart Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "CHUBB'S DETECTOR". 4 1/4" high x 6" wide x 1 1/4" deep. Brass construction. Safe or Strongbox lock. Serial # 1794268 dates the lock to 1913. Mfg by: Chubb.
"The Jack Calfee Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image Clarke - 10 Button - Drawer Lock. "PAT'D FEB 4.1873 REISSUED FEB 29.1876" is stamped on the mount. All bronze. Mfg by: Clarke Combination Lock Co. Patent # 135523. 3233
Click to Enlarge Image Clarke - 12 Button - Drawer Lock. "PAT'D FEB 4.1873" is stamped on the mount. All bronze. Mfg by: Clarke Combination Lock Co. Patent # 135523.
"Courtesy Neil Pylant"
Click to Enlarge Image "DEUTSCH LOCK SYSTEM" - Cylinder Lock. All brass. Deutsch was the forerunner of the Nix Pix and Salon locks. Some Nix Pix and Salon keys say "Deutsch Lock System" on them. Mfg by: Deutsch Lock System.
"The Michelle Kaye Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "D.R.G.M. MADE IN GERMANY". 2 3/8" high x 5 7/8" wide. All brass. Mfg by: German manufacturer. 7949
Click to Enlarge Image Felter's Patent. Bronze construction.Cylinder lock.  Mfg by: American Lock Mfg. Co. Philo S. Felter Patent #'s 76066 167088.
"Courtesy David Heuermann" 
Click to Enlarge Image French Louis XVI Style Door Lock. French Louis XVI style fire-gilt bronze horizontal rim lock (“chateau lock”). Made by Louis-Charles Sterlin, Paris France.  More...
"The Michael Stuart Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "GIBSON & BOHANNAN PATENT APR. 17. 1860 BALTo". 5 3/4" wide (Actual: 4.274" high x 5.728" wide). All iron. This is the "Holy Grail" of Wilson Bohannan locks. There are just 3 of these locks known to exist. The lock was made when Gibson and Bohannan were partners in Baltimore. The lock was used on gold wagons to chain a series of chests together. It is a massive lock. Mfg by: Gibson & Bohannan. Wilson Bohannan Patent # 27883.
"The Bob Dix Collection" 
Click to Enlarge Image Hough - Bottle Top Lock. 3 1/2" high. All brass. Patent Model. Made by: James T. Hough. US Patent #107778.
"The Steve Studt Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "LEWIS McKEE & CO TERRYSVILLE CONN". Drawer/Cabinet lock. All brass. Mfg by: Lewis McKee & Co. More...
Lewis McKee & Co. was one of the earliest lock manufacturing companies in the US - 1833-1844. John C. Lewis, William E. McKee, and Stephen G. Bucknall were the earliest predecessors of what was to eventually become Eagle Lock Co.
"The Michael Stuart Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image Pauly Jail Lock. 4 1/4" high x 6" wide x 1 1/4" deep. Iron and brass construction. Weight: 20lbs. The way this lock operates is once you lock the lock with the key then you dial a 3 letter combination on the combo dial. Once the combination is set, you can then pull the combination dial out of the lock about 1/4 inch. Then you can turn the dial and it will slide an armored plate across the inside of the keyhole preventing the lock from being picked or opened even with the key. Mfg by: Pauly Jail Building Co.
"The Jack Calfee Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "STANLEY NEW BRITAIN CONN"- Wooden Stock Rim Door Lock". Mfg by: Stanley Bolt Mfg. Co. More...
This is the same Stanley who bought the historic Best Lock Co. and the same stanley that you know today for their hardware.
"The Michael Stuart Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image Stansbury Pin Tumbler Door Lock. This is the first known attempt at the Pin Tumbler style mechanism patented by Abraham Ogier Stansbury, UK patent #2,851 dated 1805. Stansbury subsequently was awarded a US patent for the same lock dated Feb 11, 1807. This patent was lost in the Patent Office fire of 1836. Mfg by: Abraham Ogier Stansbury. Stansbury was an American who emigrated to England. See also Early Pin Tumbler Locks.
We have not found this lock as yet.
Click to Enlarge Image Straight Jacket. 1 5/8" high x 2 1/8" wide. Brass construction. Used to lock straight jacket straps.
"The Nick Stone Family Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "STAR LOCK WORKS". All brass. Trunk lock. Mfg by: Star Lock Works. US Patent #100402. US Patent #1370622.
"The Joe Davidson Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "US LOCK CO". 6 1/4” tall by 3 1/4” wide 1 1/2” Thick. Steel construction. Original key. Mfg by: US Lock Co.
"The Dan Cronin Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image Yale Door Lock. Patent model. Wood and iron construction. Mfg by: Linus Yale Jr. US Patent #15031.
"Courtesy Dayu Chen"
Click to Enlarge Image Yale Quadruplex Door Lock. Steel case. Mfg by: Linus Yale Sr. Patent #3630. This is Linus Yale Sr earliest attempt at the Pin Tumbler mechanism. See also Early Pin Tumbler Locks.
"The Michael Stuart Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image Yale Slider Rotating Plug Drawer Lock. This is the early slider mechanism with a rotating plug. Mfg by: Linus Yale Jr. Patent #31278. See also Early Pin Tumbler Locks.
We have not found this lock as yet.