Picking The Push Key Padlock (Pancakes)

The DIX-PIX is a wonderful tool, and will save you many hours of tedium opening pancake padlocks, and most other push key padlocks. However there are some locks it will not open. The following pancake depth gauges will resolve this problem.

Pancake Depth Gauge - Type 1 - Miller Style Lever Packs  
"By David Heuermann"

Type 1 Depth Gauge - Modified Quilting Pin 1.725 long
A) Tip: .058 wide.
B) Measurement line: .840 from tip.
C) Pin head: One side is filed flat and marked black to show engagement in the gate.


Type 1 depth gauge inserted between lever #1 and lever #2 with the tip hooked in the gate of lever #1. I particularly like this depth gauge because it is inserted between two levers and then rotated a quarter turn to engage the lever gate.
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Sample Measurements
Measurements are in 1/64 (.01563)
The actual depth cut increments are .015 for this lock
Lever # Measurement Depth Cut Base Lever
1 26/64 26-26 = 0/64 (.000) Base Lever
2 20/64 26-20 = 6/64 (.090)  
3 26/64 26-26 = 0/64 (.000) Base Lever
4 19/64 26-19 = 7/64 (.105)  
5 22/64 26-22 = 4/64 (.060)  
6 23/64 26-23 = 3/64 (.045)  
After engaging the depth gage in a gate measure the distance from the bottom of the case to the measurement line on the depth gauge.

The base lever is the lever whose gate is closest to the bottom of the lock. All depth cuts are relative to this measurement.

You can cut a key using these dept cut measurements however it is best to set your DIX-PIX to the measurements, open the lock and then reset the DIX-PIX to the exact measurements. This will give you an exact profile to cut a key from. The ILCO T131 blank is an excellent blank for this lock.


Pancake Depth Gauge - Type 2 - Miller Style Lever Packs  
"By David Heuermann"

Modified Tension Bar - 2.250 long x .080 wide x .025 thick
A) Tip: .067 wide.
B) .050 wide.
C) Measurement line: .845 from tip.

This depth gauge works well on most lever packs, if not make another gauge adjusting C Tip width. I think you will find the Type 1 Depth Gauge more friendly.


Type 2 Depth Gauge depressing Lever #2 and the tip is hooked in the gate of Lever #1.
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DIX-PIX Instructions - Supplemental
"By Bob Dix"


DIX-PIX Instructions - Original
"By John T. Grist"