Push Key Padlocks (Pancake) - Research

The locks in this category require further research.

Click to Enlarge Image "THE DAYTON MFG CO PAT APR 17-83" - No Pins. Key retaining mechanism. Mfg by: Dayton Mfg. Co., Dayton Ohio.  (R-100). Philip Yoe and John Kirby Jr. Patent # 275970. More...
"Courtesy Mike Pitman"
Click to Enlarge Image "ECLIPSE 6LEVER" - No Pins - Hinged Shackle. Brass case. Hinged steel shackle.  (R-105). 4579
Click to Enlarge Image "R. THOMPSON'S IMPROVED SELF-LOCKING PAD-LOCK" - No Pins. Wood. 5 Levers. Roswell Thompson Patent # 180504. It is not clear if this lock was ever manufactured. (P-100).
"The Jon Kolozvary Collection"