Postal Padlocks - Mechanicals


Click to Enlarge Image "P.O.D.". 3 1/2" high x 2 1/2" wide. Stamped steel case. Steel shackle. Used on motor vehicles starting in the 1920's. Made for: USPS. Mfg by: Slaymaker.
"The Marc Garcia Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "REGISTERED PHILIPPINE MAIL". 2 3/4" high x 1.712" wide x 1.208" deep. Bronze case. Bronze shackle. Brass plated finish. Pin tumbler, 2 pins.  "REGISTERED PHILIPPINE MAIL" is stamped on the obverse of the case. "1600" is stamped on the reverse of the case. Brass number wheels. Brass star gears. Mfg by: Vicente Zamora. Some locks are marked Vincente Zamora.
"The Mike Pitman Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "REG'D U.S. MAIL"  - "D". 2 1/2" high x 1 3/4" wide x 1 1/8" deep. Brass case. Brass shackle.  Pin tumbler, 3 pins. Plastic number wheels. Brass turnstiles (gears). Made for: United States Treasury Department. Mfg by: Mail Equipment Shops.
"The Mike Pitman Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "REG'D U.S. MAIL" - "S" - New Model - Serial Number on Reverse. 2 1/2" high. Stamped brass case. Brass shackle.  Pin tumbler. 3 pins. Plastic number wheels. Plastic turnstiles (gears). There is no brass boarder around the counter. Made for: USPS. Mfg by: Mail Equipment Shops.
"The Jon Flatt Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "STREET LETTER BOX LOCK UNITED STATES" - Numbered - 2 Digits. 2 7/8" high x 2" wide. Brass case. Brass shackle.  Push key, 5 levers. These locks were numbered: 1-23, 25-36, 44, 48-51, 55-59. Made for: United States Postal Service.
"The Mike Pitman Collection"