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Click to Enlarge Image "Chinaman" - Scrolled Shackle. 3 7/8" high x 2 3/8" wide. Iron. Barrel key. "PAT'D. OCT. 22, 1878." is cast on the reverse of the case at 6 o'clock. Mfg by: Trenton Lock and Hardware Co. John Gerard Design Patent # D10877 (Same as the "Werewolf"). More... 584

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Padlock Category List
Padlocks are added to 1 category based on their category rank. If you are looking for a specific lock you should be able to find it in the Padlock Index
RankCategoryCategory TypePadlock Index Desc
1Coin PadlocksMain Coin
2Ancient LocksMain Ancient
3Figural and Artistic PadlocksMainFigural & Artistic
4Padlock CraftsmanMain Padlock Craftsman
5Winchester PadlocksMain Winchester
6Story PadlocksMain Story
7Commemorative PadlocksMainCommemorative
8Push Key Padlocks - PancakesMainPush Key (Pancake)
9Warded Padlocks - PancakesMainWarded (Pancake)
10Pin Tumbler Push Key PadlocksMainPin Tumbler Push Key
11Fraim Contract PadlocksSub - Lever PadlocksFraim Contract
12Railroad Fancyback PadlocksSub - Railroad PadlocksFancyback
13Cam Warded PadlocksSub - Warded PadlocksCam Warded
14Johnson Rotary PadlocksMainJohnson Rotary
15Henry Clarke LocksSub - Combination PadlocksCombination
16 Wilson Bohannan Padlocks - Excluding RRMainWilson Bohannan
18Screw Padlocks - Excluding RRMain Screw Key
19Trick Padlocks - Excluding RRMain Trick
20Push Key Padlocks - OtherMain Push Key (Other)
21Arc Shackle PadlocksSub - Lever PadlocksArc Shackle
22Aluminum PadlocksSub - Lever Padlocks Aluminum
23Precious MetalsSub - Lever Padlocks Precious Metals
24VR (Victoria Regina)Sub - Lever Padlocks Victoria Reginal
25GR (George Rex)Sub - Lever Padlocks George Rex
26Six Lever Padlocks - Excluding PostalMain Six Lever
27Eight Lever PadlocksMainEight lever
28Combination Padlocks - Excluding RRMain Combination
29Seal Padlocks - Excluding RR & PostalMain Seal
30Indicator/Counter - Excluding RRMainIndicator/Counter
31Express PadlocksMain Express
32Postal PadlocksMain Postal
33Smoke House Padlocks - Excluding RRMainSmoke House
34Scandinavian Padlocks - Excluding RRMainScandinavian
35High Security Padlocks - Excluding RRMain High Security
36Military PadlocksMainMilitary
37Railroad PadlocksMain Railroad
38Lever PadlocksMain Lever
39Pin Tumbler PadlocksMain Pin Tumbler
40Warded Padlocks - OtherMainWarded (Other)
41Helmar Brewing CoMain none