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Click to Enlarge Image "Chinaman" - Scrolled Shackle. 3 7/8" high x 2 3/8" wide. Iron. Barrel key. "PAT'D. OCT. 22, 1878." is cast on the reverse of the case at 6 o'clock. Mfg by: Trenton Lock and Hardware Co. John Gerard Design Patent # D10877 (Same as the "Werewolf"). More... 584

Padlocks are added to 1 category based on their category rank. If you are looking for a specific lock you should be able to find it in the Padlock Index.

Padlock Category List
RankCategoryCategory TypePadlock Index Desc
1Coin PadlocksMain Coin
2Ancient LocksMain Ancient
3Figural and Artistic PadlocksMainFigural & Artistic
4Padlock CraftsmanMain Padlock Craftsman
5Winchester PadlocksMain Winchester
6Story PadlocksMain Story
7Commemorative PadlocksMainCommemorative
8Push Key Padlocks - PancakesMainPush Key (Pancake)
9Warded Padlocks - PancakesMainWarded (Pancake)
10Pin Tumbler Push Key PadlocksMainPin Tumbler Push Key
11Fraim Contract PadlocksSub - Lever PadlocksFraim Contract
12Railroad Fancyback PadlocksSub - Railroad PadlocksFancyback
13Cam Warded PadlocksSub - Warded PadlocksCam Warded
14Johnson Rotary PadlocksMainJohnson Rotary
15Henry Clarke LocksSub - Combination PadlocksCombination
16 Wilson Bohannan PadlocksMainWilson Bohannan
18Screw PadlocksMain Screw Key
19Trick PadlocksMain Trick
20Push Key Padlocks - OtherMain Push Key (Other)
21Arc Shackle PadlocksSub - Lever PadlocksArc Shackle
22Aluminum PadlocksSub - Lever Padlocks Aluminum
23Precious MetalsSub - Lever Padlocks Precious Metals
24VR (Victoria Regina)Sub - Lever Padlocks Victoria Reginal
25GR (George Rex)Sub - Lever Padlocks George Rex
26Six Lever PadlocksMain Six Lever
27Eight Lever PadlocksMainEight lever
28Combination PadlocksMain Combination
29Seal PadlocksMain Seal
30Indicator/Counter PadlocksMainIndicator/Counter
31Express PadlocksMain Express
32Postal PadlocksMain Postal
33Smoke House PadlocksMainSmoke House
34Scandinavian PadlocksMainScandinavian
35High Security PadlocksMain High Security
36Military PadlocksMainMilitary
37Railroad PadlocksMain Railroad
38Lever PadlocksMain Lever
39Pin Tumbler PadlocksMain Pin Tumbler
40Warded Padlocks - OtherMainWarded (Other)
41Helmar Brewing CoMain none