Wilson Bohannan & Charles Gibson Locks


Click to Enlarge Image "C. S. MAIL. GIBSON & BOHANNAN BALTo". 2" wide. Brass case. Brass shackle. Made for: United States Postal Service. Mfg by: Gibson & Bohannan. 424
Click to Enlarge Image "GIBSON & BOHANNAN PATENT APR. 17. 1860 BALTo". 5 3/4" wide (Actual: 4.274" high x 5.728" wide). All iron. This is the "Holy Grail" of Wilson Bohannan locks. There are just 3 of these locks known to exist. The lock was made when Gibson and Bohannan were partners in Baltimore. The lock was used on gold wagons to chain a series of chests together. It is a massive lock. Mfg by: Gibson & Bohannan. Wilson Bohannan Patent # 27883.
"The Bob Dix Collection"