Hardware Companies

The following is a list of companies who marketed padlocks bearing their own company name, trade name, trademark, store brand, etc. In most cases these companies contracted lock manufactures to meet their specific needs. This is not a complete list. New entries will be made as they become available.

Bartlett Hardware Co.
Freeport, Illinois.
Belknap Hardware & Mfg. Co.
Louisville, Kentucky. Founded by William Burke Belknap.
Markings: Blue Grass.
Benedict, Warren & Davidson Co.
380 Front St., Memphis, Tennessee (1903).
Merged with Barnes and Miller Co as Stratton-Warren Co. between 1916 & 1919.
Markings: Benedict, Warren & Davidson Co Memphis Tenn.
Bering Cortes Hardware Co.
802 Prairie Ave., Houston, Texas.
Markings: Keen Edge.
Bindley Hardware Co.
John England, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Established 1856.
England & Bindley, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 1868.
Bindley Hardware Co., 46 & 48 Seventh Ave., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 1878-1888.
Bindley Hardware Co., 33, 35, 37, 37, 41, 43 Seventh Ave., Drawer 915, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. (1892).
Bindley Hardware Co., 429 to 439 Seventh Ave., Drawer 915, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. (1896).
Markings: Albion, B-H.
Bingham: W. Bingham Co. (1841-1961)
Cleveland, Ohio. Founded by William Bingham and Henry Blossom. The company changed hands several times and in 1994 was doing business as Bingham Co., 30925 Aurora Rd., Solon Ohio.
Blish Mize & Silliman Hardware Co.
Founded by David P. Blish, Edward A. Mize and Jack B. Silliman 1871, Incorporated 1888.
Blish Mize & Silliman, Atchison, Kansas. 1871.
B. M. & S. (1975).
Blish-Mize Co. (1985).
Markings: B. M. & S, B. M. S. H. Co., Mohawk.
Blumenthal: Henry S. Blumenthal Inc.
Memphis, Tennessee.
Bode Hardware Co.
H. Bode Jr. and O. Bunser.
Bought Lowry Hardware Co. prior to 1892.
481 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio. (1889)
180 Main St., Cincinnati, Ohio. (1892)
25 & 27 Pearl St., Cincinnati, Ohio. (1900)
Markings: Bode.
Brooks: E. J. Brooks & Co.
New York, NY.
Buhl Sons Co. (1898-1938)
Detroit, Michigan. Founded by Christian Buhl. Incorporated 1902.
Markings: Buhl.
Cornell: S. W. Cornell Hardware Co.
Founded by Samuel W. Cornell 1853.
121-125 Court St., Brooklyn, New York. 1853.
475 Atlantic Ave., Brooklyn, New York. 1927.
Curley: James W. Curley Hardware Co.
17 North Howard St., Baltimore, Maryland (1869).
Cutler Hardware Co.
Waterloo, Iowa. Incorporated 1891 by Ferdinand E. Cutler.
Markings: CUTLER.
Delamater Hardware Co.
Detroit, Michigan.
Eagen: James Eagen & Son.
Markings: EAGEN.
Elder Brothers
Farwell, Ozmun, Kirk & Co.
St. Paul, Minnesota. Founded by Cheritree & Farwell in 1859. The business changed hands several times and became Farwell, Ozmun, Kirk & Co. in 1887.
Markings: FOK Co.
Field: Charles J. Field
633 Market St. and 624 Commerce St., Philadelphia PA.
Geller, Ward & Hasner Hardware Co.
St. Louis, Missouri.
Bought by Shapleigh Hardware Co. 1937.
Markings: Hercules, Ten Star.
Gilbert: Henry Gilbert & Son
Harrisburg, PA. Founded 1840.
Markings: 1840.
G. R. S. Co.
George Washington Hardware Co.
Gray & Dudley Co.
2300 Clifton Rd., Nashville, Tennessee. Robert Matthews Dudley (1858-1924).
Markings: G&D HDWE CO, Washington, Cumberland Arms Co., Hermitage Arms Co.
Hammacher Schlemmer & Co.
New York, New York.
Harper & McIntire Hardware Co.
Ottumwa, iowa.
Harwi: A. J. Hardware Co.
Founded by Alfred Jonathan Harwi and C. H. Dearborn, Incorporated 1889.
408 Commercial St., Atchinson, Kansas 1875.
Wichita, Kansas 1929.
Hibbard, Spencer, Bartlett & Co.
16 to 32 Lake St., Chicago, Illinois. (1915).
276 to 285 Michigan St., Chicago, Illinois. (1915).
Markings: OVB, Cruso, Rev-o-noc, IL-A-NOY, AJAX, Hibbard.
Hunt Brothers & Co.
430 and 432 Lack Ave., Scranton PA. 1870. More...
I. S. & R. Supply Co.
Janney, Semple, Hill & Co. (1884-1960)
Janney, Semple & Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thomas B. Janney, Frank B. Semple. 1884.
Janney, Semple, Hill & Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Thomas B. Janney, Frank B. Semple, Horace M. Hill. 1898.
Markings: J. S. & Co., J. S. H. & Co.
Kane & Keyser Hardware Co.
Belington, West Virginia.
Markings: Special "Keyser" brand.
Kay-Bee Hardware Co.
Littlerock, Arkansas.
Kelley-How-Thomson Co.
Markings: Hickory.
King Hardware Co.
Atlanta, Georgia.
Markings: King Bee.
King: H. & J. W. King Hardware Co.
Chambers St., New York.
Markings: Monarch.
Kirby Hardware Co.
Markings: Kirby.
Knox: S. H. Knox & Co.
Buffalo, New York. Founded by Seymour Horace Knox.
Lee Hardware Co.
Founded by Henry David Lee.
Salina, Kansas.
Markings: Lee's Lightning.
Lewis Brothers Hardware Co.
Montreal, Canada.
Markings: BD, B-D, Black Diamond.
Lindsay: James C. Lindsay Hardware Co.
719 and 721 Liberty Ave., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
12, 14, 16, 18 Ellesmere St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (1913 Inc).
Little Rock, Arkansas.
Markings: True Blue, Edge Tools, Lindsay's.
Linley: E. H. Linley & Co.
St. Louis, Missouri.
Logan-Gregg Hardware Co.
Edward Gregg, Geo. B. Logan, Thos. Park. (1888).
Logan & Kennedy, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Established 1831.
Logan, Wilson & Co., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 1848.
Logan & Gregg, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 1857.
Logan, Gregg & Co.,  306 & 308 Wood St., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. 1867-1888.
Logan-Gregg Hardware Co., 125, 127, 130, 131 7th St., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. (1898).
Markings: LGH Co.
Lowenstein & Sons.
Charleston, West Virginia. Founded by Moses Lowenstein.
Markings: Greenbrier (Possibly selected because it is a county and region in West Virginia).
St. Louis, Missouri.
Marshall-Wells Hardware Co.
Founded by Albert M. Marshall 1893.
Bought Chapin-Wells Hardware Co. of Duluth Minnesota. 1893.
251-319 Lake Avenue South, Duluth, Minnesota. 1893.
Markings: Marswells, Climax, Zenith.
McClung, C. M. Hardware Co.
Knoxville, Tennessee.
Markings: Cherokee.
Metropolitan Hardware Co.
Vesey & Church St., New York.
Monroe Hardware Co.
Founded by Sublett Brothers 1878.
117-123 St. John, Monroe, Louisiana.
Markings: MONROE.
Montgomery Ward Co.
Markings: LAKESIDE.
Moore & Handley Hardware Co.
Birmingham, Alabama. Founded by James D. Moore, Benjamin F. Moore, and W. A. Handley.
Moore, Moore & Handley. Established 1882.
Moore & Handley Hardware Co. 1888.
Moore-Handley Inc. 1909.
Moore-Handley (Homecrafters) bought by Union Camp Corp. 1968.
Moore-Handley bought by William Riley 1981.
Moore-Handley Inc., Pelham, Alabama. Thru 2007.
Markings: AB, A-B, MHH CO, MORHAND.
Morley Brothers Hardware Co.
Saginaw, Michigan.
The earliest date of reference to this company name is Dec. 25, 1851.
Nash Hardware Co.
Fort Worth, Texas. Established 1872.
Markings: PANTHER.
Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware Co.
O. & L. Hardware Co.
Orgill Brothers & Co.
Memphis, Tennessee. Established July 1847.
Orr & Lockett Hardware Co.
Chicago, Illinois. Established 1872.
Ott Brothers & Co.
1206 Main St., Wheeling, West Virginia. Established 1836.
Ott-Heiskell Hardware Co.
86 19th St., Wheeling, West Virginia. Incorporated 1903.
Markings: High-Skill.
Pacific Hardware & Steel Co.
San Francisco, California. (1905).
Markings: Stilleto.
Paxton & Gallagher Co.
Omaha, Nebraska
Markings: PAGOMA
Potter: L. B. Potter Mine Supply Co.
Scranton, Pennsylvania. Founded by Leland B. Potter.
Markings: XLCR.
Preston & Brother Hardware
45 N. Eutaw St., Baltimore, Maryland.
Markings: Preston & Brother.
Pritzlaff: John Pritzlaff Hardware Co. (1850-1958)
Founded by John Pritzlaff. Incorporated 1884.
43 to 49 West Water St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin. (1897).
Markings: Pritzlaff.
Reilly Bros. & Raub Hardware Co.
Incorporated 1913.
44-46 North Queen St., 41-47 North Market St., Lancaster Pennsylvania. 1921.
Markings: R B & R.
Richards & Conover Hardware Co.
Kansas City, Missouri.
Markings: Rich-Con.
Rogers & Baldwin Hardware Co.
Springfield, Missouri.
Russell Hardware Co.
Fred Russell - President.
123-129 E Chickasaw Ave McAlester Oklahoma. 1916 Directory.
Bought the stock of the Lee Hardware Co., at Okemah, Okla.,
which was sold at public auction - February 1922.
Not listed in the McAlester directory - 1923.
Sears Roebuck & Co.
Hoffman Estates, Illinois.
Markings: Elgin, S R & Co.
Shapleigh Hardware Co.
Founded by Augustus Frederick Shapleigh. Established 1843.
4th St. & Washington Ave., St. Louis, Missouri. (1921).
Markings: Diamond Edge, DE with an arrow going through it.
Simmons Hardware Co. (1868-1940)
St. Louis, Missouri. Founded by Edward Campbell Simmons.
Markings: Keen Kutter, True Blue, Royal, SH Co, Laclede, Quality, Air King, CQD, Simmons Wireless, Polly Prim, Run Easy, Blue Brand, Oak Leaf, Delmar, Sterling, American, Delft, Van Dyke, Wonder..
Smalley & Nantuck Hardware Co.
Smith Bros. Hdw. Co.
Columbus, Ohio.
Markings: Cut Easy, TIKI.
Smith Mfg. Co.
Cleveland, Ohio.
Speer Hardware Co.
Ft. Smith, Arkansas.
Markings: Spearedge.
Superior-Sterling Hardware Co.
Bluefield, West Virginia.
Markings: STERLING.
Supplee Biddle Hardware Co.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Swank Hardware Co.
Main & Bedford St., Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Established 1862. The Swank building was demolished in 2005.
Markings: SWANK.
Tenk Hardware Co.
Quincy, Illinois.
Tillotson & Co., L. G.
No 8 Dey St New York NY. 1865 thru 1897.
Markings: Wilson Bohannan manufactured padlocks for Tillotson.
Townley Metal & Hardware Co.
Kansas City, Missouri. Founded by James P. Townley.
Markings: Townley, American Boy (Firearms).
Underhill Clinch & Co.
New York, New York.
Markings: U C & Co.
Van Camp Hardware & Iron Co. (1876-1967)
Indianapolis, Indiana. Founded by Cortland Van Camp. Incorporated 1893.
Vance: J. M. Vance & Co.
211 Market St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (1883).
Markings: J. M. Vance & Co.
Vulcan Hardware Co.
White: Ernest T. White Hardware Co.
Williams Hardware Co.
Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Markings: WILCO.
Winchester Repeating Arms Co.
Newhaven, Connecticut.
Markings: Winchester.
Witbeck: Clark Witbeck Hardware Co.
Founded by Clark Witbeck.
413 State St. Schenectady, New York. (1899).
217 State St. Schenectady, New York. (1905).
Markings: Witbeck, Dorpian. Dorpian appeared on Padlocks, Axes, Ashtrays. Residents of Schenectady were called Doprian's which is a Dutch word for Village.
Witte Hardware Co. (1849)
St. Louis, Missouri.
Markings: IXL.
Witte: F. T. Witte Hardware Co.
Chambers St., New York NY and Sheffield England. Founded by Francis T. Witte.
Wolff Lane & Co.
Thos. H. Lane, Jno D. Oherry, G. M. T. Taylor, H. G. Darsie. (1895).
Whitmore, Wolff & Co., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. Established 1836.
Whitmore, Wolff, Duff & Co., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Whitmore, Wolff, Lane & Co., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.
Wolff-Lane & Co., 801 Wood St., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. (1888).
Wolff-Lane & Co., 304 Wood St., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. (1895).
Wolff-Lane Hardware Co., 105-107 Wood St., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. (1909).
Markings: Wolff Lane & Co.
Worthington: George Worthington Co.
Founded by George Worthington, 1829, Incorporated 1887.
Superior St. and W. 10th St., Cleveland, Ohio. 1835.
Water St. and Superior St., Cleveland, Ohio. 1855.
802 W. St. Clair Ave., Cleveland, Ohio. 1868.
Mentor, Ohio. 1984.
The company claimed bankruptcy and terminated business on February 1, 1991.
Markings: G. W. Co.
Wyeth Hardware Co.
St. Joseph, Missouri.