Lever Padlocks - Fantasy and Reproduction

Click to Enlarge Image "H.M. WOODWARD" - Fantasy. 3.684" high x 2.950" wide x .840" deep. Brass body. Brass shackle. The non-functioning buttons are similar to the H. C. Jones trick locks.
I have looked over the padlock. And here is what I have found:
1) The finish (patina) on the lock is coloring that has been applied to the entire lock.
2) It has the feeling of having been lightly polished before the finish was applied.
3) The circles are not cast into the case, they look like they were done by a CNC machine or laser.
4) I can not figure out what was used to make the lettering in the name "H.M. WOODWARD", the letter walls are all perpendicular to the top of the drop, so they were not cast into the dust cover, the depth of the lettering looks to be uniform from the first to last letter, so I don't think a stamp was used, the time and cost to make a stamp to be used one time would be cost prohibited, I did not know if a CNC machine can do lettering that small and have the letter wall be perpendicular to the top of the drop, I have not seen any lettering up close done by laser, but what I have seen laser do, I would say a laser most likely done the lettering.
5) Looking inside the lock with a bore scope showed that there are three levers in the lock and the bolt lever.
Mike Pitman ... 4/6/2018
This is the only lock we have found so far. 
"The Roy Carroll Collection"