Push Key 4-Lever Brass Padlocks (Pancake)

All of the padlocks in this category have four levers except for the "Champion" and "Yale" padlocks. These padlocks actually have five levers and were never made with four.

The following padlocks do not have "4 Lever" embossed on the case: "Boston", "J. H. MC'CULLOUGH & SON PHILA.", "The Record", and "Yale".

When the reverse of a case is not shown in a picture it is assumed to be plain unless otherwise noted.

The padlocks in this category measure approximately 2 1/4" high x 2" diameter x 1/2" deep. More exact measurements will be added to individual padlocks as they become available. When a depth measurement is given the measurement is taken at the edge of the case at a point where the seam is the tightest, thus rendering the smallest measurement. If a bevel is present on the case it is taken before the slope.

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