Push Key 5-Lever Brass Padlocks (Pancake)

When the reverse of a case is not shown in a picture it is assumed to be plain unless otherwise noted.

When a depth measurement is given the measurement is taken at the edge of the case at a point where the seam is the tightest, thus rendering the smallest measurement. If a bevel is present on the case it is taken before the slope.

Click to Enlarge Image Blank - No Pins - High Shackle. 2 1/4" diameter. "L128" is stamped on the obverse of the shackle. It is possible that this lock is a prototype. Mfg by: Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. (5B-50).
"The Edward Wright Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "CORBIN U.S.A." - No Pins - High Shackle. Mfg by: Corbin Cabinet Lock Co. (5B-100).
"Courtesy David Heuermann"