Push Key 6-Lever Alloy Padlocks (Pancake)

When the reverse of a case is not shown in a picture it is assumed to be plain unless otherwise noted.

The padlocks in this category measure approximately 2 1/2" high x 2 1/4" diameter x 5/8" deep. More exact measurements will be added to individual padlocks as they become available. When a depth measurement is given the measurement is taken at the edge of the case at a point where the seam is the tightest, thus rendering the smallest measurement. If a bevel is present on the case it is taken before the slope.


Click to Enlarge Image "BULL 6LEVER". Alloy case (Possibly aluminum). Alloy shackle (Possibly aluminum). Some locks show that the manufacturer used a distinctive spiral finishing wheel. Mfg by: James Bull Locksmiths Ltd., Christchurch, New Zealand, during WWII.   More...   (A-25).
"The Malcolm Stokes Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "UNION 6 LEVER". 2.569" high x 2.274" diameter x .620" deep. Zinc alloy body. Brass shackle. "MADE IN ENGLAND" is cast on the reverse of the body. "PAT No 508247" is stamped on the obverse of the shackle. "DS18" is stamped on the reverse of the shackle. Mfg by: Josiah Parkes & Sons Ltd., UK.    UK Patent #508247.    (A-100).
"The Dewey Holmes Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "UNION 6-LEVER". Alloy case brass plated. Brass shackle. The face plate has a tab similar to the warded pancake construction. The font is very similar to that of Union Lock & Hardware Co. (A-150).
"The Tom Spencer Collection"