Push Key 6-Lever Brass Padlocks (Pancake) - A thru Z

The padlocks in this category were altered after manufacture or made up.

Click to Enlarge Image Blank - No Pins - High Shackle - Fantasy. The consensus is that this is a modified 6-Lever. (Fantasy) 1880
Click to Enlarge Image Blank - 5 Case Pins - Fantasy. There is a circular recessed area on the obverse and reverse of the body. This lock was altered on a lathe. Mfg by: Possibly German. (Fantasy).
"The Jon Kolozvary Collection" 
Click to Enlarge Image "6 LEVER" - No Pins - Fantasy.  This is a modified "THE M W CO 6 LEVER" padlock. (Fantasy)
"The Jon Kolozvary Collection" 
Click to Enlarge Image "6-LEVER" - Left Pin - Short "L" - Fantasy. The consensus is that this is a modified 6-Lever. (Fantasy) 1058
Click to Enlarge Image "6-LEVER" - 2 Pins - Long "L" - Fantasy. The consensus is that this is a modified 6-Lever. (Fantasy) 1059
Click to Enlarge Image "AF 6•LEVER" - No Pins - High Shackle - Fantasy. The "S" and "E" was removed from a "SAFE 6•LEVER". Undoubtedly the maker of this lock had the Air Force in mind. (Fantasy).
"The Jon Kolozvary Collection"
Click to Enlarge Image "LAUTNER'S 6-LEVER" - No Pins - Letter Style 2 - High Shackle - Fantasy. The regular shackle was removed and replaced with a high shackle. See lock #4578. (Fantasy) 4577
Click to Enlarge Image "P•&•P•" - Left Pin - Fantasy. I Believe this lock is a modified "P•&•R•" lock such as #309. (Fantasy).   1648
Click to Enlarge Image "SANTAFE SYSTEM" - No Pins - Fantasy.  1) The lock has 3 patent dates on it. One being 3-11-1902. I believe it also has the Miller scroll on it which was not used until 10-9-1906. The patent date of 1902 would indicate a “left pin”. There is no left pin on the front of this lock, however if you look closely at the back it looks to be there was one. 2) It looks to have a somewhat “lower case design” which was only done on Miller’s first locks. (Looks to be almost in between). 3) Patina on the top of the lock varies from the rest. All of these things indicate to me the top was made and added to a real 6 lever base. (Fantasy).  
Bill Stevens...2021
Click to Enlarge Image "W.F. & Co's EXPRESS" - No Pins - Fantasy.  (Fantasy) 405
Click to Enlarge Image "W.F. & Co EXPRESS" - Left Pin - Fantasy. The 's was removed from Co's after manufacture. Made for: Wells Fargo & Co. Mfg by: D. K. Miller Lock Co. (Fantasy).   2508