Pin Tumbler Padlocks

Click to Enlarge Image "RALSTON PURINA". Brass body. Made for: Ralston Purina, St. Louis, Missouri. Mfg by: Best.
"Courtesy Neil Pylant" 
Click to Enlarge Image "Rockwell". 3.585" high x 1.740" wide. Brass body. Steel shackle. BEST core. Made for: Rockwell International Corp., Kenton, Ohio. This is the first BEST Rockwell logo. Mfg by: Best. 9916
Click to Enlarge Image "PROPERTY ROCKWELL GRAPHICS". Brass body. Steel shackle. Made for: Unknown. Mfg by: Best.
"The Richard Sommers Collection" 
Click to Enlarge Image "Rockwell International". Brass body. Bronze shackle. Made for: Rockwell International Corp., Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Mfg by: Best.
"The AJ Hoffman Collection" 
Click to Enlarge Image "RUSSWIN". 1 15/16" wide. Brass body. Mfg by:  Russell & Erwin Mfg. Co.
"Courtesy Neil Pylant"