Push Key Padlocks (Pancake)

Most of the photography in this category was done by Neil Pylant. Neil is a collector, historian, and Publisher of antique padlocks. Many thanks to Neil for his hard work and generosity in making this category more complete.

The pancake list reference will be noted in the text as (4-9.5).
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The presence or absence of a clevis will not be considered to be a major variety. When the reverse of a case is not shown in a picture it is assumed to be blank unless otherwise noted.


List Selection
3-Lever Brass
4-Lever Brass  4-Lever Iron
5-Lever Brass  5-Lever Iron
 6-Lever Alloy
6-Lever Brass  6-Lever Iron
6-Lever Brass Square
7-Lever Brass
8-Lever Brass
Patent Models
Counter Stamped Padlocks